What is Edufavor?

Edufavor is a one-stop platform to interact with world-class experts and like-minded people. It's a place on the internet where one can find skilltainment rather than only entertainment. Edufavor is the destination where everyone enjoys learning. Ask questions directly to the company of good peoples or directly to the experts. Make a group of friends and enjoy productive learning. Edufavor provides the learners with almost all the resources that one needs. In this everyday changing world, one has to remain updated with the new technology, competitions, etc.

What is Edufavor's Flavored learning?

The best thing that keeps Edufavor distinguished from all other learning platforms is the different flavors indulged in learning. We provide the learn feed as per the flavor the learners are interested in by using Artificial Intelligence. We are working hard to make this platform more flavored to our users. The flavors here will be inspired by real-life things. As users will be engaged more their learning tendency will boost higher.